Hello from our house to yours! 

Laura and I welcome you to our site and hope that our Urban Farming adventures will inspire you too! We are two farm girls who grew up and moved to the city but, missed our farming roots so much we are trying it on our own, in our own way.

Please feel free to send us any recipes you want to share with others and any tips or techniques you have learned so we can share it with our followers. We have learned that its very difficult to find information on “How to” farm, preserve,hunt and be self sustaining. The simple things our parents learned from their parents have simply vanished! So much lost knowledge that our children will never learn unless we learn and teach them. My goal is to supplement our families and decrease our dependence on commercially prepared foods. That being said, I’m not growing everything, just select crops that fit in my backyard. 

Laura and I also believe that bees play a very important role in food production. We have started living our bee dream this year with 5 hives. We have 1 hive in Sundre (monitored primarily by Laura) and 4 hives in the Kootenays (monitored primarily by myself). We will post updates when product is available to sell and, of course the happenings inside our hives.

Thanks for joining us,