There is no doubt that Laura and I are the best of friends, the kind of chosen family that you’re forever bonded to. To follow our passion and create this new adventure is really no surprise.  After many years of purchasing local honey with Laura, then talking about getting our own bee yard, it was finally time to make our dreams come true.  One brainstorming night, I thought of our friendship and families and our commonalities.  The Celtic influence has always been in our lives due to our family heritage, so it was natural to look up “Bee” or “Honey Bees”.

2014 019

Friendship Tattoo, December 2014  Above: Laura  Below: Angela

The running joke with Laura and I has been that we are thorns in each others side.  We incorporated our Celtic heritage with the family knot and the thistle as well as our quirky sense of humor all in one lovely tattoo.

Thank’s to the help of Google, Dumbledore popped onto my screen. I had read this National Geographic article and it seemed to be just what we wanted in a name.  Something with meaning and that expresses who we are.

Next came Laura’s talent.  She has always been the more artistic and her design style is very innovative.  She incorporated into the logo a symbolic representation of our friendship and our children.


Each wing of Bee includes the initials of our children (Matthew, Anika, Celes and Abbigayle).  The Celtic knot is the identical one from Laura and I’s tattoo and the infinity sign to show our family is never ending.  The stones in the middle represent a mother and her children in order of birth.  © Laura Wood 2015

Our gratitude to Katherine Alexander , Laura’s sister for digitizing our logo and bringing Dumbledore’s Apiary to life.

And that…………….is our story.