Last night was so amazing, it took me a while to relax and recover (yeah for a summer respiratory infection and asthma) and finally fall asleep. I’m still glowing over the opportunity to hive a wild colony.

After a little research, thanks to my fellow Beekeepers ,I learned that to affix cb the best thing to do is elastic or tie it into an empty frame. Then the bees will set to work to affix it and the queen will get back to doing her thing.  Lucky for me, I have extra equipment and was able to scrounge enough frames for the job (though I had some fellow beekeepers step up to offer me theirs if I needed).

This is the tree hollow from the road after last night move.

Today I had my daughters with me. Celes was my go-for girl and photographer.  Abby was right into it and was my assistant. She suited up and we got to work. 

Hive before the placement of the comb in new frames

So I learned a lot of things last night with my experimenting. Firstly, I need to prepare a proper swarm kit.  Some things you should have in your swarm kit diluted honey water in a spray bottle, elastic bands or twine, empty wood frames and a nuc box, a headlamp (not all places are well lit), a knife, a paint brush or bee brush, and a container to put the comb/bees into (i used a box to transport from tree to hive). Secondly, a GoPro so you can video the experience because it’s amazing. 

The above and below pictures show Abby and I propping the drawn comb and brood between elastics so that the bees will affix them to the frames.

Its a bit like a jig saw puzzle, trying to fit the broken comb peices into the frames. I think for my first go I’m pretty pleased.  I am meeting up with the bee inspector, Axel and his daughter Bronwyn in a little bit to go check how I did. 

An emerging drone bee in the center of drone comb

Hollow of the tree after I removed the majority of the comb. This peice of comb with the bees on it was also relocated.

My daughter Abby posing with lur new hive after we were done. She will make a fine beekeeper in the years to come

Here I am with our new ladies.  Welcome to the family ladies! Here is to you settling into your new home!

That is it for now. I will post more updates soon!