Good Evening!

So I went back to the hollow tonight. The moon hang high in the sky and I creeped my way up to the tree. Tried very hard not to make a huge crash, and tip-toed (yah right!) up the ladder to the hollow. 

Now I don’t doubt the power of the Bee-Vac and its operator Beekeeper Axel; but as I climbed the ladder, I expected to see many bees like I did the other day. 

This was the second attempt to liberate the hollow of its tenants

What I saw what something entirely different…

This is the hollow tonight.  You will notice that the comb has been scraped rom the top of the hollow and placed to the left. While I heard the occasional buzz, there wasn’t the hum of a swarm of bees clustered together.

So, I braved the hollow and its docile bees and readied the camera again. I actually thought (first time in my life ever), “I could use a selfie stick” and shoved my hand as far as I could reach and took a few photos. 

All I can say is that it looks really cool!! While I do see the occasional bee, I didn’t see a whole cluster like the other day.

I’m cautiously optimistic that we got the queen and she is settling nicely into her new home. Which means, the hollow may only have left over comb filled with honey waiting to be brought to the hive. 

I am off to my bee field day tomorrow to learn more about what to do from Axel and Nette and share what’s happening in our own little bee worlds. I will show Axel my pictures and we will investigate the hollow again tomorrow as well as the hive. 

Thanks for following my little adventure with the Wild Hive.