A few more visits to the hollow and a “selfie stick” made for some awesome pictures of the inside of the tree. 

I found the creation of natural comb to pretty amazing. I’m kinda sad that I am done there now, but the homeowner will be boarding and sealing it to prevent any further move ins. 

The occasional field bee didn’t quite get the memo the move was on, but she did what we all did as a kid, and rode in the back of the truck.

Here is the hive, all strapped in and ready to go!  How do you keep a hive of 30,000-40,000 bees inside of the hive? The trick is to show up either at night or on a rainy day and cover the entrance with screen (you can see the edge with the red tuct tape).

Here is hive number five, affectionately known as Johnny, situated on trailor in Rosspur. It will be great to see how they process in a hive as it is likely only the queen has been hived.  Please stay tuned for more posted on our Wild Hive, Johnny 5.