Hello Everyone! 

Our first harvest is set for tomorrow and we can’t be happier! Our ladies have surprised us with their skills and I have been thrilled to watch them grow into a beautiful colony of honey producing wonder.

We will be examining our four hives that were begun from nuc’s this spring. The curious park will be to see the difference in production from the hives. We currently have 3 strains of genetics in our beeyard. 

Front hive: Johnny #5, our wild hive. Backrow: #1 & 4: Varroa resistant mixed genetics from Grand Forks; #2 & #3: Kona queen mixed genetics

Hives #1 and #4 have very different personalites than the other hives.  These two hives are inherently more aggressive bees. Each time I tend to them I am stung at least once.  They are strong hives that built up quickly. They are more tolerant to Varroa mites as they live in a more symbiotic relationship and have good grooming practices to manage the mites themselves. The aggressove nature is also said to give a higher yield of honey.
Hives #2 & #3 are quite docile but productive hives. On install they were calm and didn’t feel the need to attack. Each time I have been into the hives, I get lots of ladies bouncing off me but no actual stinging. I have watched their honey production explode over the past month. They have expanded and nearly filled a 3rd super. (Or at least from what I quickly peaked at today).

These were blank frames which have now been drawn out and capped with honey.

Thats all for now, please watch for updates on available quantities of honey.  Please preorder if you are wanting larger quantities. $9/lb or $7.50 for 340g jar. 

Angela and Laura