Going into my first fall/winter is kinda scary. So much to think about to give my hives the best shot at winter. I started a few weeks ago moving them towards fall and, thanks to “the plague” that went through the house, was set to finish up on my holidays. 

Until last night….. it seems mother nature / local bear needed my bees more than I did.  Thanks to my amazing Sister-in-law, we still have hives to think and care about.

When I walked on scene I was discpuraged but hopeful. One hive still stood, and the boxes were everywhere but I heard them still. 

In the dark and rain, surrounded by people with flashlights and rifles, we did what we could to right the hives and secure what I could until morning. 

What struck me most was the fact the bees still remained. The frames have been decimated, so no honey stores exist. But there was three distinct clumps of bees. Could it be that three colonies survived the attack in addition to my untouched hive?

Above is what is left. Bees but no comb.  My job over next little while is to ensure they are fed enough to make stores for the winter. They will have to draw some comb, and as a new beekeeper, I don’t  know if that will tax them to much. 

Our hives, when I left today. Hive boxes righten, drawn supers with top hive feeders, entrance reducers, and more rachet straps. 

Tomorrow will bring more prep for winter and checking on the bees to see if they need more food. But today I give thanks to those who stood guard, picked up decimated equipment, braved stinging and angry headbutts to right our ladies for the night. 

Much love to you Bee-you–tiful selves, you know who you are.