Hi everyone!

This past week has been filled with nervous anticipation. Are my ladies still alive and are they doing ok following the bear ravaging?

Before going out to the hives I tried my hand at making bee fondant. As with all recipes, its a trial. My first batch made lovely thick syrup. I initally tried a 4:1 sugar / water ratio with a table spoon of lemon juice. What I missed in this batch was the cooling and whipping to make it set. That being said, not a waste just not useable right now, into the freezer it goes.

Batch number two, totally successful.  This time I used 5 : 1 sugar / water and it worked beautifully. My worries melted away and I made beautiful bee candy. the question then became, is there bees left to eat it.

Upon my arrival at the apiary, I was cautiously optimistic to find my trailor intact and all hives standing.

Next came the knock to see if there were bees inside still. It was quiet and not much response. I felt so disheartened. I removed the lid to the feeder and it was nearly full; which means no one was eating the sugar syrup I left, more disappointment.

But….. when I opened the hive to slide in the fondant…. my ladies yelled back to close the door and leave them be. I nearly jumped for joy. Thus far, they are rebuilding and making winter stores.

So I am happy to report 3 hives are still standing, and working on getting ready for winter.

Thats all I have for today, thanks for reading