Hi Everyone!

Today I spent the better part of today prepping my garden beds for this years urban farming crop. I weeded, turn soil, applied seasoned rabbit manure and tidied my raspberry brambles and strawberry runners.

I was fortunate last year to be gifted a heritage variety of everbearing raspberry brambles. We managed to have a few tasty berries last year but, it’s this year I am excited about.

Raspberries are an important source of nectar for bees. With a plentitude of blossoms that bloom frequently throughout the spring and summer, the nectar rich raspberries are very popular among the ladies. 

At the base of my raspberries are everbearing strawberries…. do you see my theme? Sustainable nectar flow, extra big berries win-win for all of us!

Next, I plan to plant borage.  This companion plant will help to manage garden pests like tomato hornworms and cabbage worms and adding trace elements to the soil. And, as any good beekeeper knows, borage is great bee food. 

So while I don’t have bees to tend of my own, I can be a responsible human and foster a good garden to feed my wild pollinators and my family. 

So that’s all for today!


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