Hey Everyone,

Thanks for sticking with us, tomorrow is an exciting day. After a winter without our ladies… 2 nucs (small hives with just 4-5 frames of brood) are being picked up tomorrow.  Our wonderful inspector, Axel, was kind enough to transport my nucs early so I can get them settled.

My bees are coming from Liz and Terry Huxter from Grand Forks.  They were a fiesty bunch last year that guarenteed me at least one sting but were prolific multipliers that made for a strong hive and good honey collection.

We are at a bit of a disadvantage this year as I dont have any drawn comb for them to use, but I am certain they will still do well. Our Rosspur location has a lot of wild flowers and we were fortunate to have a honey harvest with our first year.

This year, pollen is about 3 weeks behind in a lot of areas.  Our other nuc producer is not slating pick up until closer to mid June, which I’m not going to lie, makes me worried that they won’t be settled for fall with enough stores.

We always get questions from our readers when will honey be ready. We won’t know until September long weekend if we have any available for sale. The priority is to leave the bees with enough for the winter so we have bees for next year. 

Stay tuned for pictures of tomorrows installation of our new bees.  Thanks for reading and we look forward to more bee adventures in 2017.