Hey Everyone!

I went out to check how the ladies were settling in. Everything looked pretty good, save for a few things I need to fix up 😉

One of the things I did today was to set up a syrup feed to make sure the bees have enough to eat.  Some of you are wondering I’m certain, why feed the bees when it’s spring? The reasons are simple, I want the bees to have what they need on hand instead of endless forages for minimal pollen/nectar. Also, to draw out honeycomb, bees use 8 parts of honey/syrup to make 1 part of wax. Bees will take what they need and stop on their own when there is sufficient flowers available.

Bee Tea is used as an alternate to plain water as it promotes a more flower taste to entice the bees to consume it. The recipe is listed below.

Axel’s Bee Tea

Bee Tea Recipe:

1 tsp thyme

2 chamomile tea bags

1 tsp salt

4 litre of water


These bee’s decided that hanging out in the nuc box was a better idea. As beekeeper I disagreed, so I moved them and put them back into the hive.


Inside the hive of a very strong nuc. There is even a little bee bridging going on!
Comb the bee’s built in 2 days with the gap between the frames!

Above is one style of in hive feeder.  The picture on the right is a full in hive feeder with approximately 4 litres (1 gallon) of bee tea (2 litres) and 4 litres of sugar.