Hey Everyone!

The bees sure have sure been keeping me busy! Lately I have been doing a lot of bee rescues of rogue bees around the Trail / Castlegar area with a few friends in hopes of not only saving the swarm but offering them a home all the while learning more about bees!

Each of the five rescue attempts were very different. Glenmerry was an unsuccessful removal as there weren’t enough bees to save and it appeares the swarm had moved on.  The frenzy was almost nonexistant when I arrived.  Oh well, it gave me a good excuse to buy an inspection cam. 

Waneta was a sad situation that got sadder.  A customer at the gas station came in with a beard of bees in his car. Some of the ladies stopped to look around and got left behind. The rest the ladies went with his car to the car wash, likely didnt survive the bath. I was called to gas station to save the remaining bees, only to find a small handful inside of a recycling bin too cold to fly and with no queen to follow. I moved them from the can onto some tall flowers, and none of them flew away. Sadly, these ladies were lost but not before I got some great educational photos.

This was all that was left of the swarm.

All of the above macro photos were taken from my cell phone camera; color me impressed!! I love all of the detail I was able to get from these ladies. 

In Warfield, the bees we rescues there were very sticky! I will post more info on that rescue as soon as I am able, but the addition of honey added a different complication for the bees.  The bees now were stopping to clean themselves and I had time to take photos. 😄

The bee below, appeared injured but still trying to clean herself. I stole a photo of her licking herself clean.  I have said this time and again, how often do our bees pose for us? 

What I have learned about bee stewardship these pass few weeks? I learned that I love the chase as much as keeping bees. Each rescue has been different; each teaching me something new. If I put it out there I am willing to come and save bees, the calls keep coming. 

I share education when I am at a rescue. I learn from those more experienced than I.  I drag my husband (he says he is unwillingly a beekeeper, but mostly he is my fix it/build it, lift it guy) and we have a hobby we do together occasionally. But mostly, I live my bee dream and hope to aspire that in others. 

Bye for now, I will post links to the Warfield and Brilliant rescues this week when I have time.