Dumbledore's Apiary and Homesteading

Farm girls bringing the Farm back!

About Us!

Dumbledore’s Apiary is a small apiary with two locations in the West Kootenay’s and Central Alberta. Beginning in 2015, we currently have 5 wildcrafting hives with initial harvest to late summer of 2016.At this time we will be offering a limited supply of raw and liquid honey wildcrafted for your enjoyment.  Watch our page for updates!

What is wildcrafting? It is the practice of allowing the bees to search their natural environment for nectar to make honey.  It allows for variety in both the flavor and color that can change frame to frame, year to year.

While our passion is beekeeping, we have learned along the way that a lot of the things we learned as a child on the farm seem to be lost.  From growing to preserving the fruits of your labor, watch our blog for recipes and tips to homestead even you live in the city.  If you have any tips to add, please feel free to comment to share with our readers.